Find Your Way #1


Thanks for being here - my goal is to provide a new perspective on the rapidly changing world of school, career and life.

Here are a few things that I have found helpful/interesting/worrying this week.

  1. Kids Don’t Need To Stay “On Track” To Succeed by Madeline Levine. Dr. Levine highlights the dangers in thinking of young people’s success as a “linear path” and offers a new way to think about raising children. Her new book provides practical advice for parents on how to reframe how they view “success” for young people.

  2. 75% of High School Students are tired, bored and stressed. This probably comes as no shocker. Still, this is an alarmingly high number of kids who feel negative about school. More schools are adopting Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to address this challenge. Here’s how we can make SEL simple: what if our goal was to make sure kids have more positive experiences than negative ones in school and at home. If that was an end goal of education and parenting, how would this change our parenting/teaching styles?

  3. Some colleges start to confront a surprising reason students fail: Too many choices. This article highlights a problem that is central to my work and the book Belle Liang and I are writing: young people have never been taught how to make big decisions in life. The article does a good job of articulating this problem. However, the solutions that colleges are adopting is concerning. We shouldn’t take away young people’s choices and autonomy; we need to empower them to make meaningful decisions.

With purpose,